Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province Health Assistance

Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province Health Assistance: BEPHA-Bamenda

BEPHA-Kumbo Brochure Stand September 2020

The Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province Health Assistance (BEPHA) is an apolitical, non-profit making organization which promotes solidarity among its adherents and fosters health promotion in the community. Apart from the fact that BEPHA is a church base organization, it equally enjoys state recognition. It is registered as a Common Initiative Group CIG) which seeks to foster community development in the domain of health. The certificate’s registration number is SW/GP/30/08/7519.

Furthermore, in a recent study carried out in Bui and Donga-Mantung Divisions to evaluate BEPHA’s contribution towards Universal Health Coverage generally in Cameroon and Kumbo in particular, it was evident that through BEPHA, the vulnerable populations that survives on very low and irregular income now have access to quality health care as up to 83% of adherents are predominantly found in the rural areas. This study was an eye opener to the fact that BEPHA is setting the pace as the most reliable Community-Based Health Assistance (CBHA) scheme in Cameroon. This affirmation motivated Government to issue authorization Letter to BEPHA to operate in any of its health facilities.

BEPHA’s idea was conceived in 2008 after the Episcopal conference of Bishops of Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda, held in the Bishop’s Conference Hall, Kumbo. That means the idea of BEPHA was conceived in NSO Land (Kumbo) though it was initially in operational in Mamfe. Currently each of the five dioceses composing the ecclesiastical province has got their own BEHPA. For the past 11 years, BEPHA Kumbo has been providing enormous health assistance and quality health care services to individuals, families and communities across the diocese. Members are of all religious denominations. Partner health institutions go across religious boundaries too.

Presently, due to socio-political crisis ravaging our two Regions, leaving Kumbo almost empty, BEPHA Kumbo suffered massive losses in numbers of adherents. BEPHA has however taken the initiative of reaching out to our displaced and vulnerable adherents in the Western, Littoral and Central Regions of Cameroon, thus, creating awareness and wider opportunities for everyone to register everywhere in Cameroon.


Presently, BEPHA Kumbo has 65 partner Health Facilities spread all over Bui and Donga-Mantung Divisions. This means that BEPHA has created cooperation with institutions in almost every village or town of the two divisions. Apart from this, the health facilities listed below are in partnership with BEPHA Kumbo. We are working at signing partnership with many health institutions nationwide.

West Region- Bafoussam Branch

– Bafoussam Baptist Hospital
– Bayangam Baptist Health Centre

Central Region- Yaounde branch

– Etoug-Ebe Baptist Hospital
– St. Therese Medicalized Health Centre
– Nkoabang Baptist Health Centre
– Voundou Baptist Health Centre
– Ekounou Baptist Health Centre

Littoral Region

– Mboppi Baptist Hospital
– Bonaberi Baptist Health Centre Douala
St. Padre Pio Hospital Douala

Moreso, anybody registering in BEPHA-Kumbo can benefit in any partner hospital of BEPHA-Bamenda, BEPHA-Mamfe, BEPHA-Buea and BEPHA-Kumba Dioceses.


BEPHA has introduced two new additional Cycles to the existing ones. This is to discourage long waiting period and so give room to everyone to join BEPHA at his or her convenience. Below is the order of instituted Cycles:

– March cycle – from 1st of March to the end of February
– June Cycle – from 1st of June to 31st of May
– September Cycle (Students Cycle) – from 1st September to 31st of August
– November Cycle – from 1st November to 31st October.


BEPHA Office – Bishops House Kumbo


Tel: 00237 675 928 920

Link to BEPHA provincial Office Bamenda:

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